CBC consults Dr. Marcie Ulmer: A checklist for identifying skin cancers

By Pacific Derm on May 26 2017

CBC header - A checklist for identifying skin cancer

tanningMelanoma is a cancer of the pigment-producing cells in the skin and is the most serious type of skin cancer, according to Dr. Marcie Ulmer, a clinical instructor at the department of dermatology and skin science at the University of British Columbia.

“Melanoma skin cancer is highly curable if caught early but they do have the ability to progress and spread to other areas in the body,” she said.

The founder of the Save Your Skin Foundation, Kathy Barnard, advocates for awareness and diligent sun protection.

Dr. Ulmer uses the A-B-C-D-E system of checking your skin for mole irregularities, and explains how each checkpoint should be followed.

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Dr. Marci Ulmer was also interviewed on CBC’s BC Almanac radio program. Click on the link below and skip to 24:44 to hear the interview with Dr. Marcie Ulmer about UVA and UVB rays, sun protection, melanoma skin cancer, what changes in their skin patients should watch out for, and her responses to call-in questions from CBC listeners.