Taming the Gaunt & Rugged Face: Cosmetic Injections for Men

By Pacific Derm on August 20 2015

It’s no secret that men are a fast-growing segment of the aesthetics industry. In fact, the number of men seeking BOTOX COSMETIC® treatment has increased 310% in the last 15 years*, leading the media to coin the term “Brotox.”

No longer the domain of women, men are turning to aesthetic procedures – especially cosmetic injections – to enhance their appearance. But you may be very surprised to learn that treatment differs greatly between the two genders.

RestylaneWhy Are Men Seeking Cosmetic Treatment?

Similar to women, many men desire to have a younger, fresher appearance. Whether they may be angling for a new role at work, re-entering the dating scene or regretting not taking better care of their skin earlier in life, men are understanding the boost in self-esteem and confidence that can be achieved with cosmetic treatments.

Men in general tend to look older, sooner, than their female peers. Sunken eyes, hollow cheeks (the gaunt ‘rugged’ look) and temples, deep forehead creases and drooping skin around the jaw are typical features that make males look older than their chronologic age.

Men Have Different Needs

Men are often not aware that there are gender-specific factors that must be considered for successful cosmetic injection treatments. Therefore, it is important to find an injector who understands differences in anatomy, skin biology, skin aging and behaviour in order to address the rejuvenation goals of men.

The differences in men’s needs include:

  1. Facial anatomy – Men have larger and unique cranial shapes (such as a larger forehead, more prominent brow and squarer jaw), increased skeletal muscle mass and unique subcutaneous fat distribution.
  2. Skin biology – Male skin is thicker, hairier and tends to have an increase in sebum (oil) and sweat production.
  3. Skin care habits – Lifestyle behaviours more closely associated with males that accelerate aging include increased UV exposure, limited sunscreen use, minimal skin cleansing, smoking and poor diet.
  4. Aging signs – Men have more severe and deeper wrinkles, along with more prominent volume loss, which result in a more gaunt, older-looking face.
  5. Rejuvenation goals – Most men don’t want to look ‘feminine’ (i.e. filler only in the high area of the cheek or fuller lips), and desire subtle natural-looking results.

Injecting the Male Face

While many women have an understanding of what treatments they are interested in, it is helpful for men to consult a cosmetic dermatologist for the optimal procedure and injectable product for their skin. For example, botulinum toxin may be used to correct a scowl, and an experienced injector will understand adequate dosing, the most appropriate neurotoxin (i.e. BOTOX COSMETIC®, Xeomin or Dysport), and will know how to achieve rejuvenation goals while still keeping the overall effect natural-looking.

Injectable fillers are very useful for volume loss, and the correct placement and techique are essential considerations. The type of filler used will determine the degree of correction and how long the effects will last.

To learn more about cosmetic injectable agents for men, please book a consultation with your dermatologist.


*Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons