Dr. Rivers in 'Ask the Expert'

By Pacific Derm on January 4 2013

Dr. Rivers is currently featured in one of the ‘Ask the Expert’ columns in the latest issue of Fresh Vancouver Magazine, being distributed the week of January 13th, 2013. Fresh is the Lower Mainland’s only anti-aging, beauty and lifestyle publication with a focus on the healthy, happy, beautiful woman—inside and out.


Q: I am considering having some anti-aging treatments this year, but I’m not sure where to start. I want to take off a few years but keep it looking natural. How do I update my look without appearing overdone?

A: That is an excellent and important question to address. Many people will jump into an anti-aging procedure based on a friend’s recommendation without considering whether it’s the best treatment for their particular needs and skin.

We recommend consulting a skin expert, such as a cosmetic dermatologist, as your first step. A dermatologist will look at your skin in a holistic manner, as an indicator of your general health. He or she will assess any skin damage and review how the aging process is progressing. From there, you will be provided with a skin care plan to not only correct the signs of aging but also to protect your skin from future damage. Your plan may involve only one treatment with a home skin care regimen or combination therapy over several months – either way, it will be customized to suit your skin’s particular rejuvenation needs, and to keep you looking fresh, age appropriate and natural.

Working with a skin expert and developing a comprehensive skin care plan – rather than addressing issues bit by bit – is often more cost efficient and delivers better results in the long run.

Reprinted with permission from Fresh Vancouver Magazine.