Dr. Rivers in Vancouver Sun Article on Skin Cancer

By Pacific Derm on June 15 2015

Dr. Rivers’ third talk at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver was a debate called, “The Cutaneous Melanoma Epidemic – Is it Real or an Artifact of Aggressive Diagnosis?

Dr. Rivers and Dr. Rigel, a dermatologist in New York, took the position is that the epidemic is real. On the opposing side was Dr. Glusac, a specialist in dermatopathology, from New Haven, CT.

The Vancouver Sun covered the debate in an article called, “Skin cancer: An epidemic or case of better diagnosis?” by Tiffany Crawford.

“Skin cancer continues to be diagnosed worldwide at a faster rate than any other major cancer. But does a rise in the number of melanoma cases indicate an epidemic or are doctors more aggressively diagnosing precancerous skin lesions as melanoma?…”