Glow Magazine Consults Dr. Rivers On Unusually Red Face After Workout

By Pacific Derm on July 20 2016

Glow Magazine - Why Do I Get Red Face After I Work Out?Red face after workoutLisa Hannam from Glow Magazine shares her frustration and seeks medical advice: whenever she works out her face becomes very red, and just her face only. From her hairline down to her jawline is a burnt red colour, even though she barely breaks a sweat during the workout.

Makeup works for some when this happens, but no concealer or foundation can tame her angry skin. She consulted Dr. Jason Rivers, who posed several questions to her, and suggested that she might very well have a mild case of rosacea.

Dr. Rivers commented that “Rosacea will make you red in the face with exercise. That’s more common in Celtic backgrounds and those with fair skin.” So I might just have a mild case of rosacea, he tells me. As for the lack of sweating, not everyone naturally sweats a lot. He tells her: “You’re normal.  You just have a higher set point.” However, a big however, he recommended that she check with her doctor to make sure she doesn’t have other serious issues.

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