Have you met Dr. Vincent Richer?

By Pacific Derm on August 21 2018

If you haven’t run into Dr. Richer in the clinic yet, you soon will!

Dr. Vincent Richer is a Dermatologist and Clinical Instructor at the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science at the University of British Columbia. He is motivated by getting optimal outcomes for his medical and cosmetic patients through customized care, and we are so happy that he has joined the Pacific Derm family earlier this year!

Dr. Richer kindly took some time out of his busy day to sit down with us so we could ask him some important questions and get to know him a little better.

Why did you pick Dermatology?

It was serendipity! As a medical student, I wanted to become a radiologist, it is also a visual and analytical specialty. Halfway through medical school, I was selected for an exchange in Eastern France and was matched to a dermatology unit and clinic where I was exposed to dermatology firsthand. I loved it! When I returned to Montreal I rotated at St Luc Hospital and they eventually selected me to train there.

Why Cosmetic Dermatology?

For me, it’s a combination of applying problem-solving skills and helping patients reach their goals. It really combines the cerebral and analytical aspects with the more personal and human side of things.

What’s your morning ritual?

I am a morning person! I allow myself one snooze, but then it’s coffee, protein shake, a bit of news, packing lunches and if I’m on track and lucky, a second coffee!

Go to skincare products?

I never go without SkinMedica HA5 – I love its effect on skin texture. For day-to-day sunscreen, I often reach for LaRoche Posay Hydraphase UV with SPF.

Favourite treatments to perform?

Oh don’t make me choose, Mmhhh…vascular laser like the Excel V to target dilated blood vessels or the Q-switched and Pico lasers to target sunspots are a “slam dunk” for my patients who are result driven.

The treatment you can’t live without.

Fraxel 1550nm! Not only has it softened the appearance of acne scars on my temples, but it has also improved skin texture, minimized pore size and made my skin glow!

What skin advice would you give to your younger self?

Well, there are 2!

  1. Stay out of the sun! I have some embarrassing tanned Summer pictures from prior to my derm training, even though I knew better, I wasn’t always smart about it. Thankfully, with all we know now and with the improved skin care and sunscreens, it’s easier to protect skin.
  2. Don’t be afraid of treating acne! In my opinion, acne does not get the respect it deserves and is too often written off as something we will “age out of”. In the end, I was treated with Accutane twice with amazing results as a young adult. I wish I had done it years before!

Lastly, how do you want your patients to feel after their consultation with you?

I want my patients to feel confident that I understand their goals. When discussing recommended treatments it is important to me that they are completely aware of the anticipated benefits and downtime, if any.

I find that treating people the way I want to be treated is a good rule of thumb, at the clinic and in life.

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