How to Optimize CoolSculpting Results with Pacific Derm

By Kat Hirsch on May 17 2023

CoolSculpting has gained recognition as a highly safe and effective modern technology to target stubborn fat bulges in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and flanks that can detract from the beauty of your physique. 

Compared to other fat removal methods, CoolSculpting is considered revolutionary, unlike liposuction, which requires a lengthy recovery period.  

At Pacific Derm, every treatment and device we onboard undergo a rigorous process before deciding if a particular treatment will check our boxes. First, is the treatment safe with low risks? Will it yield impactful results for our patients? Is this the best non-invasive aesthetic treatment for what it targets?  

We ask all these questions because it’s important to us to give you the best clinically proven results our highly trained medical aesthetic staff can offer. Further, we are always continuing education at Pacific Derm and participating in clinical studies while technologies continue to evolve. And that is why we offer CoolSculpting. 

By utilizing top-of-the-line technology, Coolsculpting can effectively reduce fat deposits. In fact, by having a second Coolsculpting session four weeks after the first session, you can achieve 78% more fat cell reduction compared to just having one session, which is an average of 20% fall cell reduction only. 

To maintain these remarkable transformations, you want to keep these 5 things in mind to ensure you are optimizing your CoolSculpting results.


Keep a Healthy Lifestyle  

CoolSculpting is designed to target specific areas of fat rather than the entire body. Before embarking on this journey as well as maintaining the results of the treatment, it’s crucial to adopt a well-balanced diet and adhere to a regular exercise regimen.  

While CoolSculpting permanently removes targeted fat cells, remaining fat cells can still expand. When patients fail to monitor their food intake or lead a sedentary lifestyle, fat can accumulate once again, possibly in different areas.  

Massage, Massage, Massage  

Following a CoolSculpting treatment, we provide a massage to the treated area to assist with breaking down fat. A vigorous massage lasting two minutes is performed right away to release the frozen fat.  

The massage immediately post-treatment ensures up to 68% further optimized results post-application. We also use the Z-Wave Zimmer Machine after the manual massage for an additional two minutes to elevate results even more.   

Consistent circular massages at home can further enhance results by improving circulation and drainage in the area. 

Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Post Treatment 

It is recommended to refrain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs (such as high-dose aspirin or ibuprofen) for a minimum of six weeks after undergoing CoolSculpting treatment. The body’s natural inflammatory reaction is responsible for eliminating “dead” fat cells from the targeted area, and the use of anti-inflammatory medications can potentially impede this process by suppressing this response.  

With this said, always discuss medication, medical history, and pre and post-care with our consultants here at Pacific Derm. 

Set Realistic Expectations 

Although CoolSculpting begins to take effect a minimum of 6 weeks after the first treatment, it’s important to be patient to see full results. The body requires time to remove waste, including dead fat cells. Typically, noticeable changes in before and after photos become apparent around three months after the procedure. 

Attend Follow-Up Appointments  

It’s important to remember that every one of you is unique. To optimize your CoolSculpting experience, our CoolSculpting specialists will offer a personalized treatment plan and an at-home care regimen tailored to your specific needs. To maximize your results, they may also recommend follow-up treatments. 

By attending follow-up appointments and maintaining open communication with our consultants, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the body you’ve always wanted. 

Try CoolSculpting at Pacific Derm 

CoolSculpting is an incredible, non-invasive option for those looking to target stubborn fat deposits and achieve a beautifully sculpted physique. By following these five essential tips, you can maximize your CoolSculpting results and enjoy a newfound confidence in your appearance. 

At Pacific Derm, we now have two Coolsculpting Machines, which enable us to offer you Dual Sculpting. This cuts the treatment time in half! 

Book a consultation with our CoolSculpting specialist, Stephanie Hewitt, to discuss your body goals!  

Stephanie is our Body Contouring Specialist who has performed thousands of Coolsculpting treatments over a 7-year. She worked with the first generation of devices on the market. She followed the evolution of Coolsculpting by updating her education, attending Coolsculpting University in California and becoming a trainer teaching advanced techniques. 

By booking with Stephanie, she will address your unique concerns and develop a CoolSculpting treatment plan that addresses your goals.  

If you can’t visit the Pacific Derm clinic in person, we have you covered. Although in-person consultations are ideal, we offer virtual complimentary consultations for patients that find it difficult to travel to our clinic due to distance.