Montreal Gazette Reviews Riversol Exfoliating Glycolic Peel

By Pacific Derm on July 14 2019

Montreal Gazette reviews Riversol glycolic peel

Riversol Exfoliating Glycolic PeelExfoliating Glycolic Peel

  • Improves radiance and texture
  • Dermatologist grade anti-aging
  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Unclogs pores
  • 4% Glycolic Acid

They say: An exfoliating facial peel product that promises to improve the texture and give your skin a boost of radiance. The Vitamin C-packed product stimulates the exfoliation of dead skin and says goodbye to dry patches and overall dull skin. The “dermatologist grade anti-aging” formula also unclogs pores and calms sensitive skin.

We say: Once again a Riversol product — a local brand, for an extra bonus — impresses. This peel, with four percent glycolic acid, is gentle, soothing and left skin feeling fresh, smooth and a wee bit younger. Even after only one use, our tester noticed a smoother surface on her long-ago sun-soaked chest area.

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