Perk Up Your Skin with a Peel

By Pacific Derm on July 31 2013

Feature Service - Image Box Peel Face 1If you want to minimize fine lines, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, enlarged pores, skin imperfections, or revitalize the skin on the face or back, a chemical peel is the answer. This treatment is the perfect way to refresh your skin, and Pacific Dermaesthetics offers a variety of chemical peels to suit virtually every skin type. Since there is no downtime involved, chemical peels are a fast and easy way to give your skin that instant visual perk.

For glowing summer skin that looks clear and bright, our time-limited Peel Deal is the perfect solution. Our skin care team  can customize your peel according to your skin type and deliver that healthy glow by gently exfoliating the epidermis and removing built-up skin cells, debris and plugged pores.

We use medical-grade peels only available in a doctor’s office. The strength will vary depending your skin type and tolerance level. Our most common peel is a 30% glycolic acid one, which is suitable for most skins.

If you want to clear a breakout on the face or acne on the back (especially for a backless dress or shirtless appearance), then a BHA peel would be preferable. For patients with facial redness or rosacea, our choice would be a light gel-based peel. Since most sensitive skins don’t often get a chance to exfoliate – yet need to in order to stimulate collagen production and for skin clarity – our gel peel is safe and gentle enough for allergic and easily inflamed skin types.