Preteen Verity Shares Her Favourite Acne Tips & Products in “Taking Care of Teen Acne”

By Pacific Derm on September 20 2016

EverythingMom - My Style - Taking Care of AcneTaking Care of features an insightful look at acne care from the perspective of preteen Verity, who shares tips from the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada.

She also includes a focus on how acne can lower self-esteem, and Dr. Jason Rivers was consulted and offered his perspective:

“The emotional impact of acne – from lower self-esteem to anger, embarrassment, social anxiety and depression – can be far worse than the physical impact and can seriously affect lives. Some teens are growing their hair to cover their face, avoiding eye contact, wearing heavy makeup to hide spots, avoiding sports like swimming if they have body acne and missing school.”

Verity also reviews 5 series of acne clearing products that she has tried and weighs in on their quality and performance.

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