Another Rosacea Success Story

By Pacific Derm on January 3 2013

Riversol, Dr. Rivers’ skin care system developed for rosacea-prone, acne-prone and sensitive skin, regularly receives fan mail from customers all over North America.

One customer, Kathryn Hart of Kitchener, Ontario, sent Riversol her before and after photos along with a glowing review.

We interviewed Kathryn about her experience with rosacea and how Riversol helped make a big change in her skin:

Pacific Dermaesthetics (PD): How and when did you find out you had rosacea?
Kathryn (K): I was told by a dermatologist in 2008 that I may have rosacea, but that the redness was caused by the acne I was experiencing at the time. So I tried almost every acne product out there, from expensive products to drug store products. They just continued to further irritate my skin and make it worse every day.

Then in 2010 I was seeing another dermatologist for something my son had and he mentioned the possibility of rosacea. He said treatment could only

be done with Accutane or a peroxide wash, which I had tried before and it dried out my skin badly. Accutane wasn’t an option because I’m in my childbearing years.

PD: How did you end up using Riversol?
Kathryn: I did some research on the Internet and found several rosacea products but they all either worked or didn’t work for some people. I wanted a product that worked for the majority of people, and luckily I came across Riversol.

PD: What Riversol products did you use to help your rosacea?
Kathryn: I use the foaming gel cleanser, protective serum, and for moisturizers I use the daily moisturizing lotion. For the winter I switch to the daily moisturizing concentrated.

PD: How long did it take for you to see visible results after using the system?
Kathryn: It was about three weeks before I felt and saw relief. After five months and even after a year my skin became better and better. I traded my red, irritated, dry & flaky skin for skin that felt soft and smooth, wellmoisturized and looked radiant! I even had friends ask if I was wearing make up and I could honestly answer ‘no’ to them!

PD: Do you have anything else you would like to share with us?
Kathryn: I felt like my skin was taking a toll on my self-esteem. It felt so out of control…I’m so thankful Dr. Rivers cares and that he came up with this product. Riversol worked beautifully and has given me my healthy skin back! Riversol Rosacea Kit

To learn more about Riversol for Rosacea, ask to speak with our skin care specialist or visit the Riversol website.