Sneak Peek at Our Branding

By Pacific Derm on January 2 2013


2013 marks a year of change for Pacific Dermaesthetics. To signify all the improvements we’re making to the clinic, we have refreshed our logo, branding and developed a mission statement.

Our mission (or statement of purpose) is now: To provide a dermatologist-directed skin care experience, utilizing comprehensive solutions guided by science, innovation and expertise.

Dermatologist-directed skin care is one of the clinic’s biggest changes. We are more focused as a centre for dermatology and laser medicine, with the ability to deliver extensive skin care programs for our patients addressing both medical and cosmetic concerns. How will we do this? Through a change in staff and an increased involvement in clinical research.

We now have two highly trained and experienced dermatologists on staff – Dr. Rivers and Dr. Ulmer – along with Dr. Ip, who is a general practitioner with a special interest in dermatology. We also have a bigger research team in place to support clinical study activity. This benefits our patients by ensuring we’re offering some of the most scientifically advanced and clinically proven treatments in Canada.

The clinic has several other transformations planned this year including a new website, facility updates and changes to our product program.

Our updated logo encompasses this evolution: The two-colour leaf identifies the two aspects of dermatology (medical and cosmetic) and skin renewal; and the tagline emphasizes our focus as trained skin specialists.