Vascular Lasers: What Can They Do?

By Pacific Derm on November 1 2012

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The word “vascular” refers to blood vessels, and that’s exactly what this type of laser does: it targets superficial red and bluish vessels in the skin.

Most vascular skin conditions involve large or matted blood vessels on the face or legs. These vessels areoften the result of sun damage, aging, pregnancy or childbirth, but they may be related to other dermatological issues such as rosacea or as part of a birthmark.

Laser treatment is one of the most effective ways to treat small blood vessels. In vascular laser treatment, the laser light is absorbed by the targeted abnormal blood vessels, heating the vessel enough to damage and eliminate it. The body then reabsorbs the vessels, restoring the skin’s normal appearance.

Vascular lasers allow for quick, safe treatment without damaging the surrounding skin. Small vessels may disappear after one treatment, while large vessels may require multiple treatments for the vein to gradually dissolve over time.

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