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When your skin is looking tired, dry, and aged

You might be wondering when your skin ‘started looking like this’. Over time, our face and hands lose volume and elasticity, giving us a more delicate but sharp appearance. Veins may seem more prominent, wrinkles and loose areas may develop, and pigment or sun spots may darken the surface.

A few factors cause aging skin

Genetics influence how our skin ages, how quickly it happens, and how much external factors–like sun exposure–make an impact. Skin thins as we age, revealing tendons and veins. Sun damage can cause a lot of damage, leaving you with brown spots and fine lines.

Luckily, the rejuvenation process is simple

With controlled stimulation and regeneration of the skin’s layers, a Pacific Derm dermatologist can restore the skin on your hands, face, legs, and other areas. Rejuvenation techniques stimulate collagen production to boost elasticity and firmness, or correct pigment and improve skin tone for a smoother look.

We often recommend a combination treatment for especially troublesome areas like hands. IPL photorejuvenation and dermal fillers can restore lost volume, plumping and raising the skin level to reduce the appearance of veins, tendons and joints.

Make an appointment today to find out how we can bring that youthful glow back to your skin.