Take control of your skin and hair.

Take control of your skin and hair.

For Men

Cosmetic dermatology is no longer just the realm of women. The number of male patients that come into our clinic for aesthetic skin treatments has increased immensely in the last few years. It makes sense: men not only want to be at the top of their game—they want to look the part too. How you look affects your attitude, your self-confidence and, ultimately, your business and social success.

Skin Care for Men 

Skin care for men involves similar issues to women such as acne, facial redness and aging skin, but is tailored to the specific needs and lifestyles of a male. For example, men tend to experience more severe cases of acne and its subsequent scarring, along with more pervasive sun damage (they “forget” to wear sun block). Many older men’s faces also take on a gaunt, worn look with hollow cheeks and dark sunken eyes. As dermatologists experienced with cosmetic treatments, we understand how to treat all of these specialized issues for men’s skin in our Vancouver clinic.

Skin Treatments for Men

From laser resurfacing for wrinkles and scars, to dermal fillers that smooth creases and crags, we have a large range of skin treatments designed to strip away the wear and tear—and restore your youthful charm.

Whatever your skin concern may be, our team of skin experts will help restore healthy, youthful-looking skin in a comfortable manner and without any downtime. The results will be noticeable yet natural, and your close circle of colleagues, customers and friends will be none the wiser.

Contact Pacific Dermaesthetics to learn more about specific treatments for men’s skin in Vancouver.

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