Facial Redness

Facial Redness


Blushing is a natural reaction many people experience as the result of embarrassment and a number of other situations common in life. Chronic facial redness, however, can be much more serious than embarrassment and can be indicative of a whole host of more serious skin conditions which you might not even be aware you have. Often, red skin, or chronic facial redness, is due to an underlying condition such as rosacea, an allergic reaction, acne, or other related skin conditions.

If left untreated, facial redness may lead to permanent discolouration, thickening of the skin, as well as dryness and itchiness. All of these symptoms can be uncomfortable and potentially cause social awkwardness.  The appearance of red skin can affect your self-esteem and self confidence. In addition, depending upon the severity of your facial redness, this condition may give the appearance that you are blushing all the time. In more severe cases, even high quality makeup is not enough to mask the problem.

What is it Facial Redness?

Everyone has experienced temporary facial redness after being out in cold weather or after strenuous exercise. For some however, this condition is permanent.

Symptoms of Facial Redness

  • Persistent areas of redness

What are the Causes of Facial Rednesss?

  • Most often rosacea, a chronic, often undiagnosed skin condition
  • Sun damage
  • Eczema, a long-term, itchy, inflammatory skin disease

The cause of facial redness is often related to a chronic skin condition. The major culprit of red skin is rosacea, which can go undiagnosed for a long time. Other causes include eczema, as well as repeated over-exposure to the sun.  Fortunately, the underlying symptoms which result in facial redness are treatable and relief can be as simple as contacting a dermatologist.

Who is Affected by Facial Redness?

  • Anyone, any age

Related Problems

  • Untreated skin conditions

Potential Facial Redness Treatments

Your dermatologist will work to determine the cause and best line of treatment.

Note: Certain treatments for medical conditions that are considered to be elective and/or cosmetic are not covered by Medical Services Plan of BC. 

If your skin is persistently red, and you’re unsure of the cause but need relief, please make an appointment with one of our doctors.

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