Lash Enhancers

Lash Enhancers


There are many different lash enhancers on the market, from mascaras and conditioners to vitamin and prescription serums. In the small group of lash enhancers that have the ability to grow eyelashes (rather than just coating or conditioning the existing eyelashes) our staff has tested several different brands, and Latisse® eyelash serum has offered the best results.

Features & Benefits

Eyelash enhancers not only create the appearance of longer lashes—they can also improve thickness, volume and lash length. After using an enhancer that assists in growing eyelashes for a specified period of time, most people find that they require less mascara or none at all.

Other Benefits of LATISSE® eyelash serum:

  • Actual growth – serum helps your eyelashes grow longer and thicker
  • Natural appearance – eyelashes appear gradually over a period of time
  • Easy and safe to apply – only applied once at night with provided sterile disposable applicators

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