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Dr. Rivers…patiently and gently treated my rosacea and helped soften the ravages of time (Botox and fillers)… Dr. Rivers retains staff that is professional and skilled so that they maintain his high standards. My best testimonial is that he will remain my Dermatologist for as long as his practice exists.

Mission Statement

At Pacific Dermaesthetics, our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of each patient by providing exceptional cosmetic and medical dermatology care. We specialize in treating and preventing the signs of aging by offering a wide range of treatments using the highest quality products and state-of-the-art equipment. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations in an environment that emphasizes professionalism, integrity, and safety.

Vision Statement

We will be known as a centre of excellence, embodying an organization of people working harmoniously together to do the right thing every day to improve the health and wellbeing of those we care for.

Skin Care in Vancouver: The Difference

There is a surge of medical-based cosmetic skin care clinics and spas making it a challenge to find a reputable and experienced clinic. This is further complicated by little regulatory governance in the aesthetic industry, especially in training.

What sets Pacific Dermaesthetics apart is our integrated expertise in both medical and cosmetic dermatology: this uniquely positions us to offer a wide range of procedures using the latest equipment, techniques and products that will optimize your satisfaction with the results.

Our approach emphasizes minimally invasive techniques for rejuvenation and working with you to implement preventative strategies to maintain healthy, younger-looking skin.

With a wealth of product knowledge and experience, we are committed to helping you choose the procedure that best suits your skin type, lifestyle and other factors.

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Dr. Rivers…patiently and gently treated my rosacea and helped soften the ravages of time (Botox and fillers)… Dr. Rivers retains staff that is professional and skilled so that they maintain his high standards. My best testimonial is that he will remain my Dermatologist for as long as his practice exists.


When I first started seeing Dr. Rivers, my face was bright red and felt burning hot. After just one treatment, my rosacea totally cleared, and now I just see him once a year for a ‘tune-up’, and no one ever believes me when I tell them I have rosacea. I might add in all the years I’ve been seeing Dr. Rivers, he has never tried to ‘upsell’ me, which I really appreciate. Dr. Rivers has earned my trust through his consistent demonstration of integrity, knowledge, commitment and skill. I unreservedly recommend him to my friends, and they, too, have all been very pleased with his work.

– Celena B.

Those days of skin flaws and lack of self-esteem are a distant memory since the Fraxel laser procedures. Friends say my skin is now virtually flawless and I appear healthy and much younger.

– Graham D.

(Dr. Rivers) is always so kind and considerate. This kindness is a common thread throughout your office. Your entire staff is thoughtful, respectful, professional and kind. I have always been ecstatic with the treatments I have received at Pacific Dermaesthetics, you keep me coming back.

…one of Dr. Rivers best assets is his artistic use of fillers and Botox coupled with his reluctance to use the injections unless he feels they are necessary. I often ask for fillers and he responds that I don't need them! He offers alternatives like IPL or Thermage which gives me a gentle, youthful change... I look natural and rested not inflated and Stepford-ish!

– Tina R.

As a patient at Pacific Dermaesthetics you are made to feel very special and relaxed from the moment you arrive for your appointment. The clinic is beautiful and the staff are extremely friendly and caring.

I have been a patient of Dr Jason Rivers for at least 3 years now…I have always found him to be amazingly "in tune" with how you want to feel about yourself when you leave the clinic…Since I have been going to him my self esteem has shot up…My visits with him are a joy.

– Fran W.

Dr. Rivers and his staff are very friendly and courteous. Before, I was uncomfortable with my gummy smile but with Dr. Rivers’ treatment it has just gone away. A special thanks to my doctor for helping me out and boosting my self-confidence.

– Maya H.

I've been a patient of Dr. Rivers for 8 years…Dr. Rivers quickly diagnosed my rosacea and was great at explaining what this was and my treatment options. I went with his recommendation and had several laser treatments. Within 2-3 months, my rosacea had subsided. No more embarrassing, hot flushes (on my neck anyway!). I've had a couple of preventative laser treatments over the years as Dr. Rivers continues to monitor my progress. Integrity, knowledge, commitment - all reasons why Dr. Rivers is my dermatologist.

– Sue S.

I saw Dr. Rivers after years of trying unsuccessful cleansing regimes to suppress my acne flareups. Dr. Rivers provided me with excellent advise, was very professional and did not come across as pushy whatsoever in his recommendations on how to best treat my acne. I can confidently say that seeing Dr. Rivers was the best decision I ever made with respect to looking after my skin and highly recommend Dr. Rivers and the Riversol products...

– Scott S.

I just wanted to say Thank You for showing me the mineral foundation. I LOVE IT! I'm still playing around with how much to put on my face and so far, I love the finish, how it looks, how long it stays on before I need to touch up, if at all. I also am appreciating the spritzer…Thanks again for all your tips, suggestions and feedback.

– Amina V.

After many years suffering from this unsightly black spot on my face, I got laser treatments. The black spot was a problem. People stared and made rude remarks. I used concealer, but it did not help. After my treatments the results were amazing. Now, I only use a little cream on my face daily. I feel confident, rejuvenated and happy.

– Shirley T.

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