Wrinkles? What wrinkles?

The best way to instantly look younger is with a neuromodulator treatment like BOTOX or Dysport. These non-invasive injections target deep wrinkles or fine lines while leaving your natural expressions intact.

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    How does BOTOX work?

    Botox Cosmetic®–the consumer-friendly brand of botulinum toxin–has such an effective track record, it’s one of the world’s most popular anti-aging treatments. Safe and non-invasive, skilled injections of BOTOX leave your face looking smooth, relaxed and natural.

    If you have frown lines between your eyebrows, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles or neck creases, this treatment can help by blocking nerve signals and relaxing the area. A neuromodulator like BOTOX can also lift the brow and open the eye, lessen a gummy smile, minimize lip puckering, and reduce the width of the lower face.

    Injections take about 10 minutes and you’ll experience minimal discomfort. There’s no recovery time needed, and you can expect noticeable results within days. BOTOX should last upwards of 3-5 months, but results may vary.

    Whether you’re smoothing out existing wrinkles or visiting the clinic for prejuvenation, BOTOX is an effective muscle relaxer for aging skin or wrinkle prevention.

    How does Dysport work?

    Our skilled dermatologists use the Dysport injectable to relax and smooth severe frown lines, which form between the eyebrows. You’ll look more youthful, well rested, and happier. This treatment reduces muscle activity without giving you a ‘frozen’ look.

    This treatment takes 10-20 minutes and can last for up to 4 months. Most people notice results 2-3 days after they receive the injections.

    How does Xeomin work?

    Xeomin is another neurotoxin that effectively reduces frown lines between the eyebrows. Like BOTOX and Dysport, these injections are safe and quick to administer. With little to no discomfort, you can leave the clinic right after the procedure and see results within a few days.

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    Botox Injections

    Treatment areas


      Smooth out frown lines and wrinkles to look less worried


      Soften crow’s feet and look years younger


      Fade creases and bands effortlessly

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