Use CoolSculpting® to reduce stubborn fat without surgery

Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. Coolsculpting® is a safe and effective fat freezing procedure that reduces targeted areas with zero surgery or downtime.

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Reduce Fat

Target troublesome areas



No surgery required


Quick Recovery

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    How does CoolSculpting® work?

    Have you ever wished you could “zap your fat away”? CoolSculpting® does exactly that. This US FDA and Health Canada-approved procedure lets us spot-treat areas that are resistant to weight loss.

    A precisely controlled cooling process targets the fat cells beneath your skin, causing them to freeze (known as cryolipolysis). Once frozen, the fat cells die and your body naturally starts clearing them out. The treated area begins to look slimmer as a result of fat cell loss.

    We’ll set you up in a comfortable position during treatment. You’ll be able to read, rest, or even watch a video. A Pacific Derm professional will place the applicator over the target area and you’ll feel a tugging sensation, followed by intense coldness. This feeling won’t last long and subsides as your body gets used to the cold sensation.

    The whole process takes about an hour, depending on the number of areas being treated. Once finished, you can take on the rest of your day. You might notice the treated area is a bit tender, red or numb, but these symptoms subside.

    You’ll gradually notice results after 3-8 weeks, and your body will continue to eliminate fat cells for up to 6 months following your last treatment. For best CoolSculpting® results, more than one treatment may be needed depending on the area.

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    Treatment areas


      Reduce your full chin for a more defined jawline


      Target stubborn belly fat that won’t budge


      Body contouring will give your waist a beautiful curve


      Eliminate underarm bulge for a tight, youthful look


      Body sculpting for the thighs leaves your legs sleek and slim

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    Do I need to take supplements or follow a specific diet and exercise program before or after CoolSculpting?