Redness Treatment

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Get rid of redness and boost self-esteem

Chronic redness can be embarrassing, and it was likely triggered by an underlying condition like rosacea, acne, or excessive sun exposure. At Pacific Derm, we have several lasers that treat persistent red skin.

  • Vascula Laser

Treatment Benefits

How do you treat redness?

To fade broken capillaries and veins, we often use the Excel V Laser, one of the most advanced options on the market. With several wavelengths, it’s perfect for red face treatment, targeting visible blood vessels, skin discolouration and spider veins.

Because of a unique cooling feature, patients experience less discomfort than with other systems. You may notice a slight stinging as the laser passes over the treatment area, but it’s minimal. After the procedure, you might notice extra and swelling and redness, which should go down after 24 hours.

Depending on the size and severity of the treatment area, you may need to come in a few times. But one or two is enough in most cases, and you should notice an improvement within 2-6 weeks.

Treatment areas

  • Say goodbye to red cheeks and blotchy areas

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