Facial Redness Conditions

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Get an even complexion and reclaim your confidence

Everyone gets red in the face once in a while, but a chronic flushed complexion can lead to social anxiety and lowered self-esteem. If you have a ruddy complexion, it’s most likely caused by an underlying condition that creates dilated blood vessels and/or broken capillaries.

While most of these conditions aren’t dangerous, untreated red spots and patches can result in permanent discolouration, thickening of the skin, dryness, and itchiness. A dermatologist can help you discover the cause of your red skin and create a treatment plan to help manage it.

Several conditions may be causing your skin’s redness

A chronically flushed complexion can be the result of a condition, like rosacea, sun damage or eczema. The usual suspect in this case is rosacea, which often goes undiagnosed. Luckily, these conditions are treatable and there are a variety of options to help relieve the symptoms.

Are dilated veins and red patches affecting your skin?

Redness can occur in places other than the face. You may also experience flushing of the skin on your neck, arms, thighs, chest, or back.

Discover the cause and find a treatment

Makeup can only go so far. Working with a dermatologist will help you get to the root of your problem and find the best red face treatment option.

*The Medical Services Plan of BC may not cover treatments for medical conditions if they’re considered to be elective and/or cosmetic.