Chronically flushed or red-faced? We can help

A red and blotchy complexion is a daily reality for people with rosacea. A number of biological and environmental triggers can cause blood vessels in the face to dilate. While this happens naturally to everyone, those with rosacea experience it so often that the blood vessels remain permanently enlarged. The appearance of ruddy skin is the result.

If you suffer from rosacea, you may feel embarrassed about the look of your skin. At Pacific Derm, we have several treatment options to help relieve your condition.

What causes red, flushed skin?

Rosacea is usually caused by a mix of genetic and environmental factors, but the exact reason for the condition is unknown. Some triggers that may cause a flare-up include sun exposure, emotional stress, hot weather, wind, heavy exercise, alcohol, and spicy foods.

Recognizing and managing your triggers will help to lessen the long-term effects on your skin. Rare occurrences–like eye complications and enlargement of the nose–can be managed if caught early on.

You don’t have to live with the embarrassment of rosacea

If flushed, ruddy skin is affecting your quality of life, there’s good news. Many treatments for rosacea are available to help manage this irritating skin condition. Some options include:

  • Over-the-counter preparations – Mild cleansers and moisturizers, sunscreen
  • Prescription medications – Antibiotics, azelaic acid, and vasoconstricting agents
  • Procedures – Laser therapy


*The Medical Services Plan of BC may not cover treatments for medical conditions if they’re considered to be elective and/or cosmetic.