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Improve the glow of your skin with hyperpigmentation treatment in Vancouver.

Do you have age spots or brown spots on your skin? Hyperpigmentation is a condition that includes any instance in which patches of your skin darken to a significantly deeper colour than the skin around it. That happens because your skin is producing too much melanin. Though not uncommon and not necessarily dangerous, many people benefit from pigmentation removal, which gives them a healthy glow and even skin tones.


Removal of Brown Spots on the Face or Other Areas of the Skin

If you’re tired of seeing these spots of discolouration on your skin, the expert Dermatologists at Pacific Derm can offer solutions for pigmentation removal. We can help with most types of removal of brown spots, which are sometimes referred to as liver spots. Some examples of the types of spots we can remove include:


Freckles are often small, circular areas of discolouration. They are often genetic but can also occur due to sun exposure, which can darken them. Freckles are flat, creating only a change in colour on the skin.


A sunspot can easily be confused with freckles, but it may be slightly raised and can itch. Sunspots tend to occur from overexposure to the sun. The good news is that sunspots are typically not dangerous themselves. However, they can also serve as an early warning of skin cancer risk.

Liver Spots or Age Spots

Age spots are typically larger, flat, brown or darker-coloured spots. They often happen on the face but can also occur on your hands and arms. These spots, known as lentigines or solar lentigo, start showing up on your skin during middle age. Those who have them at a younger age may have overexposure to the sun. Most people see these develop on areas where they are most exposed to the sun, like the back of the hand or arms, or, in some cases, shoulders and face. On their own, they are harmless.


A mole, which can be brought on by sun exposure, genetics, skin type, and even pregnancy, tends to be a dark brown spot. Their colour can range as can their size. Most will protrude slightly. Mole removal can be safe and painless.


Melasma occurs in areas of the skin, typically on the face in women of childbearing age, that are tan or brown in colour. They could be due to genetics but also have been linked to hormonal changes, excess sun exposure, and medication use. This condition can be common and often leads to patchy, uneven skin colour. It can also occur on the arms and neck. Melasma management can be very safe and effective, restoring even skin tones.

Actinic Keratosis

This condition is a bit different. The skin becomes thickened and scaly. There are wart-like lesions in the area, often with a red to brown colour. This can be an early indication of skin cancer.


What Can Pigmentation Removal Do for You?

Hyperpigmentation treatment in Vancouver can provide you with fewer dark spots and skin discolouration. Many see significant improvement, including clear skin and a fresh, younger appearance. More so, brown age spot removal can be a quick and easy procedure, causing no damage to the skin.


How Does Brown Spot and Pigment Removal Work?

If you are ready for freckle removal or want sun spot removal to help you look younger, consult our skin experts. You may notice some skin reddening and swelling during these treatments, including laser pigmentation removal. That’s normal and will improve quickly. Most people see some results within the first two visits, but additional treatment may be necessary.

All our mole removal, melasma treatment, and other procedures are non-invasive. This helps minimize risk to your health while giving you the beautiful, healthy glow you’re looking for.


Types of Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Vancouver

At Pacific Derm, we offer a range of removal treatments, allowing our clients to get pigmentation removal in a way that fits their specific needs. This includes:

  • Chemical peels
  • IPL Photorejuvenation
  • Laser therapy, including Fraxel, excel V, Laser Genesis, MedLite®, or PicoSure®
  • Excision for mole removal
  • Cryosurgery, or the freezing of the area with liquid nitrogen
  • Skincare products and cosmetic options

Our team will talk to you about all the options for treating sun damaged skin. We often recommend IPL photofacial, a treatment that aids in collagen stimulation in the skin for improved skin regeneration, and Fraxel Laser, a gentle but highly effective laser treatment that can help to improve skin tone, wrinkles and damaged skin.


Treatment Areas

Brown spots on skin removal can happen to most areas of the body. After an exam to ensure we know what type of concern exists, we can then offer help for:

  • Facial brown spots, including moles, brown patches, and freckles
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Legs


Hyperpigmentation FAQs

Does hyperpigmentation go away?

In some situations, hyperpigmentation can improve on its own over time as the skin cells regenerate naturally. If you have brown spots that are just a few shades darker than your skin, it can fade within 6 to 12 months, but could take longer if you do not seek out treatment.

Some types, including melasma, which is brought on by hormonal imbalances, do not often go away on their own and require more effective treatment.

How can I speed up hyperpigmentation fading?

There are steps you can take to help reduce hyperpigmentation faster. If you would like the best results, we encourage you to meet with our experts to discuss your skin condition and treatment options, including laser pigmentation removal. However, you may be able to get help reducing some of the impacts of PIH skin spots using products like hydroquinone and azelaic acid. These help to reduce the amount of melanin produced by your skin, helping to provide you with a faster fading process, though it can still take a considerable amount of time.