Why won’t this fat go away?

Even with diet or exercise, many people deal with stubborn fat. Whether it’s a double chin, belly fat, love handles, inner thigh fat or arm fat, sometimes it won’t go away with even the most impactful changes in lifestyle.

There are a few reasons why you have ‘problem areas’

Some people are on the wrong kind of diet, drink too much pop or alcohol, or aren’t on an effective weight loss program. But the most common reason healthy people don’t lose that last bit of stubborn fat is genetics and/or age. You may be predisposed to having more fat cells in certain areas. And if you’re older, you may find it harder to lose weight or tone loose skin.

Whether it’s a double chin, a tummy ‘pooch’ or a jiggle under the arms, fat removal is an option.

You can get rid of stubborn fat without surgery

Fat freezing (or ‘cryolipolysis’) is one of the most effective ways to treat stubborn fat. We use a safe, non-surgical method called CoolSculpting® for body sculpting. This FDA and Health Canada-approved treatment safely targets pockets of fat with controlled cooling.

For double chins, we can use BELKYRA injections–another non-invasive option–to redefine the jawline via fat removal or reduction.

If diet and exercise aren’t working on your stubborn fat, talk to a Pacific Derm dermatologist and get the solution you’ve been hoping for.