Improve the appearance of full or double chins with Belkyra™ injections.

Double chins are commonly influenced by genetics, aging, and/or weight gain. This fat can be stubborn in the face of weight loss and lifestyle changes, creating a frustrating cosmetic issue. A Belkyra™ treatment provides an effective surgery-free solution by reducing or eliminating this fat through a series of injections.

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Smooth and gradual jaw definition


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    How do Belkyra™ injections work?

    The appearance of full or double chins can now be successfully improved through non-surgical procedures. One of the most exciting recent innovation in aesthetics is Belkyra™ treatment, an injectable drug for addressing “submental adipose tissue” (fat) under the chin.

    A double chin is a very common condition that can be connected to genetics, aging and/or weight gain. Unfortunately, this fat can be persistent and difficult to lose despite weight loss and lifestyle changes.

    The Belkyra™ treatment is a quick, non-invasive procedure that redefines your jawline for a natural and sleek look. The formula consists of deoxycholic acid, which helps your body break down and absorb fat.

    At Pacific Derm, our professionals will gently insert the formula in several places beneath your chin. Once injected, Belkyra™ destroys fat cells in the targeted area. This prevents troublesome fat from accumulating below the chin.

    What to expect?

    You should begin to see results gradually after two to four treatments. The area under your chin will appear natural and smooth as your new jawline takes shape. You may experience some mild bruising, numbness or swelling around the treated area, but this is normal and temporary.

    This procedure is non-surgical, takes about 30 minutes to perform, and has little to no downtime afterwards.

    The total number of treatments needed will vary by individual, and can be determined upon consultation with a BELKYRA™ injection trained and qualified medical professional at Pacific Derm.

    Leaders in BELKYRA™ Injection

    Pacific Derm was one of the first clinics in Canada to first offer this advanced treatment for lower facial contouring. Regarded as a highly experienced injector and educator, Dr. Rivers is regularly invited to train Canadian physicians on the injection technique for BELKYRA™.

    Other Things To Note

    This treatment was approved in 2015 by Health Canada and the FDA (under the label “KYBELLA”)

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