Hyperhidrosis & Excessive Sweating Treatment

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Take control of excessive sweating and regain your confidence

If you’ve ever felt embarrassed to high five, hold hands or wear white shirts, you know how hyperhidrosis can impact your quality of life. It doesn’t have to be hot for hyperhidrosis sufferers to sweat through clothing. Excessive sweating can happen anywhere on the body, but it’s mostly affects the armpits, hands, feet, groin, and face. Many people who suffer from hyperhidrosis avoid talking to a healthcare professional about their condition, but with the help of the right doctor, hyperhidrosis can be successfully managed.

Treatment Benefits


Wear Whatever

Don’t let sweat limit your wardrobe


Get Closer

Hold hands and hug again


Regain Confidence

Feel dry and smell better

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    How do hyperhidrosis treatments work?

    A localized injection with a neuromodulator like Botox® is a common solution for hyperhidrosis. It works by temporarily “turning off” the sweat glands in the treated area, giving you much needed relief.

    This Health Canada-approved injection is simple and quick, and you’ll only experience some mild discomfort. Think of it as a pinch that saves you from months of sweat-fuelled frustration. You’ll also notice immediate results.

    Types of hyperhidrosis treatments

    There are several treatment options for hyperhidrosis depending on the severity and location of your concerns. Pacific Derm offers localized neuromodulator injections that can reduce sweating by 83%. Compared to topical solutions–which wear off quickly–this treatment lasts for an average of 7 months.

    Sweating can also be reduced with over the counter treatments (like special antiperspirants), prescription medications, or targeted procedures (like iontophoresis and surgery). We’d be happy to sit down and go over which is best for you.

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    Treatment areas


      Improve the appearance of your skin by reducing facial sweat


      Go ahead and shake on that deal with confidence


      Wear nice shirts without the worry of sweating through


      Don’t let sweat get in the way of your life


      Say goodbye to embarrassing excess sweat

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