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Take skin rejuvenation to the next level with an advanced combination treatment

ThermaFrax combines two gold-standard treatments to create an anti-aging combo that revitalizes skin. In one rejuvenating visit, you’ll receive the laser resurfacing of Fraxel with the skin tightening benefits of Thermage. You can expect firmer, smoother skin and improved skin tone.

Treatment Benefits


Youthful Appearance

Refresh your face after one treatment


Continuous Results

See improvements for 6-9 months


Little Downtime

Notice results in just one week

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    How does ThermaFrax work?

    Plan for a 4-5 hour appointment when you come in. The ThermaFrax treatment is composed of 2 procedures: Thermage and Fraxel. Thermage provides collagen stimulation by sending heat to the deeper layers of the skin. The Fraxel treatment uses a laser to improve fine lines, brown spots, and enlarged pores.

    You’ll start with Thermage, which takes about two hours. During treatment, you’ll feel the device alternate between warm and cool sensations. The cooling is to make your experience more safe and comfortable, although you may feel some irritation.

    An hour before moving on to the Fraxel procedure, we’ll apply a topical anaesthetic to make sure you’re comfortable. As the laser glides over your skin you may feel an increased heat sensation.

    After ThermaFrax, your face will feel and look like it has a sunburn. Any redness or swelling will disappear soon, and can be soothed with ice packs or cold cloths. Over the next week you might notice some peeling, flaking and/or bronzing (darkening). But don’t worry–this is all a normal part of the healing and rejuvenation process.

    After just one week, your face will start to look rested and refreshed. But the improvements won’t stop there: over the course of 6-9 months, you’ll see more firming and smoothing as your face is revitalized with healthy new skin.

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      Tighten and brighten with this powerful combination treatment

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