Dr. Ulmer on W Dish’s “The Truth About Expensive Face Mists”

By Pacific Derm on May 25 2018

W Dish header - The Truth About Expensive Face Mists

Spraying MistThe goal of all skincare routines is achieving a healthy and glowing complexion, but it can be overwhelming to decide whether products are a necessity or a luxury considering how many different products are in the market.

W Dish examines some of the pros and cons of face mists, consulting several experts on their insights, including Pacific Derm’s Dr. Marcie Ulmer.

“I do not consider face mists an essential part of a person’s skincare regime,” says certified dermatologist Dr. Marcie Ulmer. “Spraying water onto the skin may seem to hydrate the skin but it also causes evaporation – which can lead to more dryness,” she explains.