Global News consults Dr. Jason Rivers: Which acne home remedies actually work?

By Pacific Derm on September 21 2017

Global News header - acne remedies
Global News explores myths and truths about acne, and specifically, home remedies like toothpaste, tea tree oil, zinc, and lemon.

acneDr. Jason Rivers was consulted for his expertise, and weighs in on the efficacy of each remedy and who is affected by acne.

“There’s a tendency to see acne persisting more in women than men in adulthood, in part due to the hormonal fluctuations that women experience,” Dr. Jason Rivers, president of ARSC and medical director of Pacific Derm in Vancouver, tells Global News. “It’s a myth that it only affects teens.”

He offers some advice on how to effectively treat acne and what to look for in cleansers.

“People are often very aggressive when they clean their skin, but by rubbing it excessively you’ll only make acne worse because it will lead to more inflammation and cause a disruption of the local environment,” he says.

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