What to expect during your Cosmetic Dermatology Consultation at Pacific Derm

By Pacific Derm on November 13 2020

With quarantine, then self-isolation, social distancing and everything in between, it sure feels like the right time to do something for yourself. Whether you are curious about a cosmetic treatment, want to address a skin issue that has been on your mind or are hoping for a thorough cosmetic assessment – the first steppingstone to seeing results is a cosmetic dermatology consultation with one of our dermatologists.

When you step into our state-of-the-art facility, you will check in with our Front Desk staff, undergo a safety screening, complete an intake to confirm we have all your correct information and be whisked away by one of our Clinical Staff to one of our bright exam rooms. We can’t wait to hear what motivated you to seek our expertise! The Cosmetic Dermatology Consultation is 30 minutes of reserved one-one-one time with one of our dermatologists to discuss your health, objectives, skin care routine and previous treatments. A pivotal part of the consultation is the physical examination or assessment, where an evaluation and diagnosis can be made. Our dermatologists will offer a full-face assessment if you are so inclined, but also respect your wishes to address a more targeted issue if that is your objective (for example: improving acne scars). Our team of Clinical Staff members may also step in to help with assessments in planning for some procedures and to help you pick out your medical grade skin care.

After reviewing your objectives and completing the assessment of your skin, root causes will be discussed (why is this happening?), and a treatment plan will be formulated. A correction phase of treatment will be recommended, followed by a maintenance/prevention strategy. Don’t worry: though it is a lot of information, everything can be provided in writing: your Pacific Derm PassportTM. This plan is outlined to match your objectives and our findings with the right treatments. Our doctors do their best to streamline what can be complex. As a simple overview, cosmetic interventions usually fall under 4 categories:

The “4 Rs”


This refers to improving the quality of the “skin canvas”. This can be accomplished with medical grade skin care recommendations or use of devices such as lasers. For example, excessive redness may be treated with vascular laser or sun damage reversed with IPL, pigment laser or resurfacing.

Fraxel laser treatment:

Patient treated with Fraxel 1927nm (1 treatment)


To soften a harsh frown or prevent crow’s feet, injectable wrinkle relaxers such as Botox may be recommended. This is especially transformative to our patients who are concerned with their animated face and feel they appear angry or tired.

Before & After Neuromodulator (Botox) to Frown line, Forehead lines, & Crows Feet Lines.



Aging and sun damage go hand-in-hand with volume loss, and this is related to bone resorption and soft tissue “going South”. This can manifest as a sunken appearance of the cheeks, temple, or undereye area, or as a feeling of sagging skin of the lower face. Volume – and a rested appearance – can be restored by considering injectable fillers.

Before & After Hyaluronic Acid Filler treatment to the temples, cheeks, under-eyes, and lips. 



Though we leave surgical lift procedures to our Plastic Surgery colleagues and cannot replicate their results with noninvasive treatments, our patients who desire less invasive or maintenance treatments can consider skin tightening treatments like radiofrequency or ultrasound.

A written plan, information on individual procedures as well as written cosmetic treatment quotes will be provided at your visit. Our staff can book your procedure, put a hold on the schedule or you contact our office at your leisure to book in the future. Some procedures can be performed on the same day of the consultation and this will be discussed during your consultation. Do not hesitate to reach out after your appointment if you have additional questions: our staff are happy to follow-up by phone or email in a few weeks.

Book a cosmetic dermatology consultation by writing to info@pacificderm.ca or call Pacific Derm directly at 604-682-7546.