Laser Genesis
Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis
  • Addresses several premature aging skin issues at once
  • Comfortable skin rejuvenation
  • Suitable for all skin types and colours
  • No downtime - procedure does not injure skin

Skin Rejuvenation Without Downtime

If you are looking for skin rejuvenation with no downtime, no discomfort and in less than 30 minutes you may want to consider Laser Genesis. This innovative and non-invasive procedure improves the appearance of early aging signs (such as fine lines) without unwanted side effects such as redness, puffy or peeling skin.

Laser Genesis or “light facials” work without the deep resurfacing caused by high energy pulsed CO2 and Erbium YAG lasers. Treatments are performed in a comfortable manner without the need for topical anaesthetics.

Laser Genesis has the ability to improve:

  • sun damage
  • fine lines
  • irregular pigmentation
  • the appearance of large pores
  • rosacea (by reducing redness)
  • brown age spots
  • small blood vessels (capillaries)
  • the appearance of scars (red, raised)

In contrast with other types of lasers, this skin rejuvenation treatment is suitable for all skin types, including a darker complexion.

Laser Genesis can also be used to enhance and maintain the results of other cosmetic procedures such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels. Patients who have had IPL or Fraxel laser treatments but do not require further sessions, find that Laser Genesis provides a good alternative for skin rejuvenation.

What to Expect

Typically, each treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Laser Genesis is safe, effective, creates minimal discomfort and requires no anesthesia.

You will experience a gentle warming of the skin as the Laser Genesis hand piece moves back and forth above the skin. As the laser heats the upper dermis, it stimulates collagen production. Heat generated in dilated capillaries reduces redness experienced with rosacea or scarring.

Your skin will appear flushed immediately after treatment and capillaries may be more visible. Brown spots may also appear slightly darker for a few days after the first treatment. These temporary changes will diminish gradually and you will see visible improvement after each treatment.

Patients with minor wrinkling, blotchiness and visible facial blood vessels can expect good results. Those who have deeper wrinkles and scars will require more skin rejuvenation treatments.

For best results, a series of four to six treatments at one- to two-week intervals is recommended. Maintenance treatments are also recommended, depending on your specific needs.

You will need to avoid tanning before and after Laser Genesis treatments, as this will enhance skin discolouration and uneven skin tone.

Book a consultation to learn more about how Laser Genesis can improve your skin.

  • Addresses several premature aging skin issues at once
  • Comfortable skin rejuvenation
  • Suitable for all skin types and colours
  • No downtime - procedure does not injure skin
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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my skin feel like during and after my Laser Genesis treatment?

Laser Genesis produces a gentle warming during treatment that most patients enjoy. Immediately following the treatment, the warm feeling continues for about thirty minutes. Many patients report a pleasant mild tingling feeling and a feeling of increased firmness for a day following the treatment.

How long after Laser Genesis treatments may I return to normal activities?

You may return to normal activities immediately following your Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation treatment. Most patients notice a healthy, rosy glow following Laser Genesis. After care instructions include the use of sunscreen as well as consuming plenty of water. This is truly a rejuvenation procedure with “no downtime”.

How long will my Laser Genesis results last?

One of the greatest advantages of Laser Genesis is that the results continue to accumulate after each treatment and continue far beyond your last treatment. In fact, accelerated collagen production continues following Laser Genesis, peaking at about 12 weeks after your last treatment, then continuing at a steady increased rate. Because the natural aging process is continuous, it is difficult to state precisely how long results will last, but benefits seem to be apparent for several years. Sun protection and attention to skin care are necessary to maintain optimal results. In the case of acne scarring and rosacea, it is necessary to control the underlying condition in order to avoid further skin disruption.

How can I prepare for my Laser Genesis Procedure?

Any moisturizer or makeup will be removed prior to commencing. Any specific additional pre-treatment requirements may be reviewed and discussed ahead of your appointment with your skin care professional. As Laser Genesis is a very comfortable procedure, no oral or topical medications are required.

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