Nonsurgical Neck Treatments by Dr. Vincent Richer

“The face goes all the way to the décolleté”: I smiled when one of my patients said this in consultation, confirming that she was using sunscreen and vitamin C serum on her neck as well as her face. Of all the treatments I performed since “Zoom” became part of everyone’s day-to-day, neck treatments have been some of the most requested. In my cosmetic dermatology practice, I aim to bring value to my patients by matching the cause behind their concern with the most targeted treatment. Thankfully we have many treatment options! In the case of neck rejuvenation, combination treatment is more the rule than the exception to bring natural and noticeable results.

Wrinkle relaxers / Neuromodulators

Injectable agents like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin or Nuceiva are well known to bring a rested appearance to the face. They do so by softening the maximum contraction of muscles of expression. The neck is covered with a plate-like muscle called the platysma, and athletic patients can develop vertical lines called platysmal bands that are more evident while speaking or grimacing. Treating those bands can soften the appearance of the neck and is even referred to as a “Nefertiti lift” by some experts. In the right patient, the neck can appear less furrowed – and even the jawline can appear more defined.

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid with many different properties are available – some stiff to revolumize a temple or recreate a recessed chin, or others softer to treat the undereye area or lips. The horizontal lines of “tech neck”, previously known as “necklace lines” before the digital era, can be diminished with very soft hyaluronic acid fillers.

Collagen stimulators

Some dermal fillers boost your own collagen over months rather than “filling” with the product itself. One of these is calcium hydroxyapatite, otherwise known as Radiesse. It is blended down to enable treating a large area and is injected in the skin using a blunt injection instrument called a cannula. This technique is well-established in Europe and has been adopted more widely. Best results can be observed after a few weeks. The best candidate for this treatment has mild “crêpiness” of the skin.

Thermage & Ulthera

We can slow down the effects of time on the skin of the neck by using a radiofrequency treatment like Thermage. This treatment heats the skin deeply to cause collagen fibers to lay in a more functional way within the skin. Ulthera, an ultrasound treatment, can also be used to tighten the skin of the neck.

Don’t forget skin care!

Skincare is essential for prevention and maintenance – and to prolong the benefits of your in-clinic treatments. In general, sunscreen and antioxidant serums can be used on the neck safely. Specialized moisturizers and peptides may also be recommended. Be careful with actives that may be irritating on the delicate skin of the neck, like glycolic acid and retinol.

Customizing your treatment

During your consultation, your physical examination and assessment in clinic will determine which treatment in our toolbox will provide the best value. Combination treatments are often recommended, as in this case of treatment with Xeomin (neuromodulator for vertical neck bands), Belotero Balance (hyaluronic acid filler for horizontal neck lines) and Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite for “crêpiness”.

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