Revive Fatigued Eyes with AOX Eye Gel

By Pacific Derm on September 19 2013

AOX EyeOne of our favourite advanced skin care brands, SkinCeuticals, recently introduced a potent antioxidant eye treatment to combat signs of fatigue such as puffiness, under-eye bags and fine lines.

AOX+ Eye Gel is a treat for the eyes: the gel delivers like a serum would, with pure active ingredients in a solution at an acidic pH that penetrate the skin down to the target site. The combination of antioxidants (vitamin C, phloretin & ferulic acid) combats skin damage and prevents signs of aging. Ruscus aculeatus (derived from an evergreen shrub native to Western Europe) helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, and caffeine assists in reducing the look of under-eye bags.

Under eye skin is 10x thinner than facial skin. This is one of the reasons SkinCeuticals developed this product – to have a daily antioxidant optimized for this delicate area and defend it from constant exposure to environmental aggressors.

Positively reviewed by the Globe & Mail’s “Test Counter” column, many of our staff have also been enjoying this new product. Janice notes, “It has a silicone base and spreads really far and is really light.  It does not ‘travel’ into your eyes by midday. A tiny dab, smaller than a sesame seed is all you need.”

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