My Experience with Fraxel - 8 Weeks Later

By Pacific Derm on September 19 2013

Kate Britt, wrote a blog diary in June 2013 about her second Fraxel laser treatment experience. You can read it here. Below is what she had to say 8 weeks after her treatment.

August 14 – 8 weeks after treatment

Eight weeks after treatment, my face is still experiencing the benefits of the collagen boost. I say this because it still glows with a pretty pink, fresh look in the areas that were treated. The comments I get from other people (who don’t know about my Fraxel treatments) are that I seem to be glowing with health, that I’m looking happy and healthy, etc. I recently met a new acquaintance, who was surprised that I’m 64; they thought I was much younger.

Dr. Jason Rivers, who did my treatment, said today that I look 20 years younger than when he first met me (in 2011). Now that really works for me!

Here are the final “after” photos, including the infra-red versions. In the latter, I can still see a lot of invisible skin damage from the sun, but it’s significantly reduced compared to the infrared photos taken just before this treatment.

August 14 2013 (2)Kate Britt 8 weeks-IFR

August 14 2013 (8)August 14 2013 (9)

If you were searching for information about what it’s like to get Fraxel treatments, I hope I’ve given you the kind of helpful information you were hoping to find. If you’re considering this treatment, I highly recommend it. My Fraxel treatment results sure make me feel prettier… and in my case, it’s my mirror’s opinion that counts!

[Kate’s ‘before’ photo from June 11, 2013, is below, compared to her 8 weeks ‘after’ photo]

BEFORE 001August 14 2013 (2)