Dr. Rivers quoted in "Your Winter Skin Primer"

By Pacific Derm on November 12 2013

Dr. Rivers was quoted in the article, “Your Winter Skin Primer” in The Province Newspaper on October 26, 2013:

We turned to several skin care experts for their advice on how to winterize skin.

Dr. Jason Rivers of Pacific Dermaesthetics, a clinical professor of dermatology at the University of B.C., says skin has specific needs during winter.

“The skin can dry up a lot in the winter so moisturizing is very important,” said Rivers. “You should also use a gentle cleanser. Especially as the skin gets older we have less oils on our skin so the skin’s barrier function is somewhat compromised.

“You have to insure you trap moisture or re-moisturize the skin so you can maintain a normal balance on the skin and so you don’t get dry, flaky skin that can crack and then be uncomfortable.”

And remember that sunscreen is not just for summer, Rivers added.

“If you are still doing activities outdoors it is not a bad idea to use sunscreen all year round. Even though the UV is lower in the winter, it still exists,” he said.

“We tell people to get in a habit of using it year round on their face.”…