Global News Video: Dr. Jason Rivers Interviewed On Babies Being Burned By Sunscreen Product

By Pacific Derm on June 2 2017

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After three recent reports of babies being burned by Banana Boat sunscreen, Health Canada says it is investigating. The federal agency says it’s received nine complaints of adverse reactions from the company’s sunblock.

“Four of the reports were for Banana Boat products for kids and three were for Banana Boat Baby. The other two reports were for adult products,” said Renelle Briand, a Health Canada spokesperson.

Dr. Rivers explains “we know from past studies that about 19% of all people who use a sunscreen will have some form of irritation or allergy to it.”

The initial diagnosis of the latest burn on the 14 month old from Newfoundland indicated that she was suffering from second degree chemical burns. However, some people’s sensitivity to an ingredient in a specific product may be triggered or exacerbated by the sun.


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