Globe & Mail: "Beauty products aim to block aging effects of pollution", featuring Dr. Marcie Ulmer

By Pacific Derm on May 11 2017

Something in the air...So much for slathering on the SPF and taking cover in the shade. In the battle against signs of aging, it seems sun protection isn’t the only weapon required. After decades of studying the effects of UV-induced aging, scientists have only recently begun to uncover a link between air pollution and its long-term effects on skin, such as pigment spots, fine lines and loss of elasticity.

“Ambient air pollution is a less well-recognized environmental aggressor,” says Dr. Marcie Ulmer, board certified cosmetic and medical dermatologist at Pacific Derm, Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology, and clinical instructor with the University of British Columbia’s department of dermatology and skin science in Vancouver. “Studies have shown the harmful effects of air pollution on our internal organs, but there is less data on its effect on the largest organ of the body – the skin,” she says.

As proof mounts that pollution is linked to premature aging, Janna Zittrer Appleby reports on a new crop of beauty products that promise to safeguard your skin.

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