What is "Breathable" Foundation?

By Pacific Derm on December 2 2013

Oxygenetix is a makeup foundation infused with ceravitae, an oxygen complex. Ceravitae is proven to increase oxygenOxygenetix-BanA uptake while stimulating collagen cell production and connective tissue growth in wounded and aging skin. Oxygenetix allows the skin to breathe, with no occlusive oils to interfere with the skin’s natural healing process.

Specifically designed for doctors, this breakthrough formula not only helps the skin heal and minimizes the appearance of procedural scars, but also conceals a wide variety of skin problems including acne scars, rashes, rosacea and dry, cracked skin.

Oxygentix’s unique properties also make it a multi-tasking skin care product that acts as a foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen all-in-one. Through continued use, the oxygen-driven cellular turnover promotes youthful, healthy skin. Read more about its benefits here.

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