Dr. Rivers & patient featured by Fraxel Laser

By Pacific Derm on November 27 2013

KateBritt-Fraxel.siteDr. Rivers and one of his patients, Kate Britt, were chosen to be prominently featured on the Fraxel® laser website as a patient success story. Dr. Rivers has performed two Fraxel laser procedures on Kate over the years. A former writer by trade, Kate chose to document her treatment experiences in a diary format online (including on our blog) for the benefit of anyone considering a Fraxel laser treatment.

When Pacific Dermaesthetics shared the results of Kate’s procedures with Solta Medical, the manufacturer of the Fraxel laser, the company asked Kate and Dr. Rivers if they would be featured on both the consumer and physician websites. Fraxel also created an eBook of Kate’s experience, which can be viewed here.